Happy Thanksgiving

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Outside photo of the hancock inn at night

No one around here can remember exactly when we had the last white Thanksgiving. We had a white Halloween a few years ago, but that all melted away over the next month and the winter that followed was actually quite mild. One person came into the Market across the street this week and offered the view that if it snows before Thanksgiving we’re in for a long, snowy winter. Another life-long resident said the current weather pattern reminds him of the 1950s.

Whatever. It is surely more like winter than not outside this Thanksgiving Day and we’re thankful for it. Nothing brings out the charm of a New England country inn more than snow and the comforts that come along with it – the wood stove, warm cider, the smell of slow oven braises. Or, in this case, Roast Turkey.

Winter is hard. You can’t help but wonder how people managed 200 years ago when this inn was first around. But then as now the sight of lights in the window, the smell of wood smoke in the air, and the burst of warmth that greets you coming in from the cold positively hugged you, body and soul.

Which is exactly what tugged at our neighbor when she was moved to stop and snap the picture you see of the inn during an evening snow this week.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at The Hancock Inn.

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